Watertight hinged doors


Winel doors can be found in almost any sector in the maritime industry.

Their hinged doors give a 100% watertight seal and are made to fit the toughest conditions. Splashtight, weathertight and watertight central closing doors are built according to latest seagoing rules and regulations.
Over the years Winel have put considerable effort into offering maintenance free and easy to install products to make life easier and safer on board. Their patented Musketeer system has found usage in many ships all over the world and is renowned for its excellent operating system: A stainless steel central closing mechanism with a quick acting handle on both sides. All rotating parts are provided with ORKOT grease-free bearings

We offer the following types of hinged doors:


Musketeer splashtight & weathertight doors Q-Line

Musketeer Qline

These doors are available in:

Steel Grade A
Seawater resistant aluminum
Stainless steel AISI 316L
6 or 8 mm door blade with 2, 4 or 6 closing points

Download the product sheet here musketeer doors q-line



Musketeer HEAVY watertight doors Q-line

Musketeer Heavy WTD

The watertight bulkhead doors are water pressure tested up to 12 mwc from both sides and available in:

Grade A steel, Seawater resistant aluminum or Stainless steel AISI 316L
with 8mm door blade with necessary stiffeners and included open-close indication

Individual Class Approval Certificate is mandatory

Download the product sheet here Musketeer HEAVY watertight door



Musketeer GRP doors (glass fibre)

GRP Musketeer

Light weight construction complete with insulation

Frame: aluminum, steel or stainless steel

2, 4 or 6 closing points

Download the product sheet here musketeer grp doors q-line





For all Winel doors we offer a wide range of options.

Contact us for further information or click here to see some of the options: Options for Q-line doors