FlexiDrive is a versatile product consisting of two stations, joined by a linear drive cable, which enables valves and other wheel operated devices in remote, hard-to-reach or hazardous locations to be operated with ease from a conveniently located handwheel.

FlexiDrive can be applied to any conventional wheel-operated valve/device.

It is suitable for underwater use and the most extreme climatic conditions.

The cable system can deliver torque output for most manual valve operations and transmits drive up to 30 metres from the operator station.

The flexible cable system facilitates up to 540° of bends in the cable run.


    • Available in two sizes: LV (large valve) and SV (small valve)
    • 316 Body Castings
    • PB1 Bronze Bearings
    • IP65 rating
    • Temp range -50 to 175°C
    • Capability over 30 Metres
    • Can accommodate 540° Bends
    • Min Cable Bend radius 300mm
    • High torque Capacity
    • Totally Maintenance Free
    • Adaptable to any Conventional Valve

The cable system can be passed through walls, bulkheads and floors to reach the valve


FD 2FD 3   FD 1


Operator stations are available in a variety of different gear ratios, providing a wide range of torque capabilities.