Elastomeric Sliding Bearings





Thordon Bearings Inc. is a family-owned company that operates a state-of-the-art polymer processing plant as well as in-house design, CAD and New Product Development facilities in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

The company was founded in 1911 and today they have an extensive distribution network in more than 70 countries to service their global customer base.

Thordon offers a vast program of elastomer bearings with unique wear characteristics and low friction, which makes it an ideal slide bearing material for a number of pump applications as well as for sewage systems and the shipbuilding industry.

Thordon bearings are available as rods, tubes or sheets in standard dimensions but can also be supplied as per customer requirements.

P.N. Erichsen is representing Thordon Bearings Inc. in Denmark and we have the pleasure of offering their vast product range, which includes the following:

SXLbearingsDesigned to operate dry. This means that it can be installed without the need for lubrication lines, thus eliminating any risk of pollution associated with grease.
CompacCompac-1Designed to use seawater as the lubricant medium instead of oil
ThorplasThorplas-5 Designed to operate at elevated temperatures. 80˚ C in water and 110˚ C dry
XLXLCombines a fine wear resistance with low coefficient of friction. Suitable for applications in areas which require lubrication (may run dry to a limited degree)
CompositeComposite-1Formulated to provide outstanding wear life in abrasive operating conditions. Designed for use in areas that require lubrication (water).
TG-100TG100-2Seals for water lubricated propeller shafts. Designed for use in vessels operating in dirty water

Thordon manufacture their bearings according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality System requirements and their products are approved by most of the Classification Societies.