Waste Water Treatment

Efficiency and durability are standard requirements for machinery that is used within the maritime industry. Legislation to protect our environment is becoming more stringent every day, and poses new challenges in developing commercially viable products.

Fulfilling and exceeding the most demanding conditions forms the basis of HAMANN’s design and production. Their compact Sewage Treatment Systems are cost-effective, with low maintenance. No membranes or filters involved – no handling for the crew.

This separates the Hamann system from their competitors.

Hamann produces all sizes of systems – from small systems for 8 POB up to big cruise-liners with thousands of passengers and their systems comply with all international rules and regulations.

P.N. Erichsen is the authorized Hamann AG distributor in Denmark, thus we are pleased to offer their extensive product range to our clients:


HL-Cont Plus MEPC227-64

HL-CONT Plus Series – Certified according to MEPC.227(64)

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Hamann HLCP Flyer





HL-Cont Cruise

HL-Cont Plus Cruise  –  Certified according to Commission Directive 2012/49/EU

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HL-Cont Plus MEPC159-55

HL-Cont PLUS systems  – Certified according to MEPC.159(55)

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HamannAG_HL-CONT-Plus 159




All Hamann AG systems are designed and manufactured at their facility in Germany