Thermoplastic bearings from Thordon

ThorPlas-Blue was developed as a maintenance-free solution to replace greased bronze bearings, thus eliminating a possible source of pollution.

It delivers superior performance in all deck machinery applications where even sealed, rolling element bearings often fail prematurely as a result of salt water ingress.


ThorPlas is an excellent tough material with the following characteristics:

  • Does not require grease (or greasing systems)
  • Self-lubricating with low friction and low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Low water absorption rate
  • Improved ability to operate at elevated temperatures. 80˚ C  in water and 110˚ C dry
  • Improved chemical resistance in all major chemical product categories

Capable of operating pressures to 45MPa (6,527 psi), ThorPlas-Blue can be easily back-fit into virtually all applications where greased bronze is currently installed.

To facilitate maintenance while under way, ThorPlas-Blue can be easily and safely machined using on-board machining facilities and then installed quickly.

ThorPlas is available in standard sizes for machining according to the requirements from customers.

The rough bearings can be delivered with a diameter of max. ø 400 mm and we are pleased to offer a variety of sizes from stock

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