Thordon XL (black) is a general purpose bearing, offering superior performance compared to other bearings commonly used in water lubricated propeller shaft and other marine applications.

XL provides good balance between long wear life, low coefficient of friction, reasonable abrasion resistance and cost effectiveness. Thordon XL is designed for water-lubricated applications with limited dry running.


Besides being used in propeller shafts it is also used in a variety of industrial applications and has similar abrasion resistance compared to SXL.

The main characteristics of Thordon XL are:

  • Low co-efficient of friction (typically 0.13-0.20)
  • High resistance to abrasion in dry applications
  • High resistance to shock loading and vibration
  • Optimum performance in clean water applications


Thordon XL is available in a full range of sizes in both tube and stave configurations and is supplied in rough molded condition for local machining to the final dimension required.

Please note that we carry a wide range of XL sizes in stock and are able to help you with most of your requirements at short notice

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