Seals for water lubricated propeller shafts

Thordon TG100 is a mechanical seal designed specifically for 86mm (3.375″) to 305mm (12″) shaft vessels operating in either clean or abrasive-laden waters including workboats, harbor tugs, offshore supply vessels, yachts, ferries, fishing trawlers and self-propelled dredgers.


The TG100 seals use hard wearing silicon carbide faces and proprietary elastomeric polymers to offer the best combination of strength/stiffness and flexibility/elasticity.

The main characteristics of TG100 are:

  • Unlimited shelf life on elastomeric bellows
  • Elastomeric bellows accept axial/radial shaft movement and compensate for alignment issues
  • Manufactured for long wear life and reduced maintenance costs
  • Wedge “lock” design ensures the rotary face is perfectly square with the shaft
  • Hydraulically balanced to accommodate various drafts


A unique feature of the TG100 is the emergency seal that allows stand-alone operation. This not only ensures that you safely return to port but helps prevent permanent seal damage.

The TG100 should require no periodic maintenance. A well-maintained seal should require no parts within a 5-year drydock interval, however an additional “water port” allows for cleaning/flushing of dirt and abrasives deposited in the bellows over time.


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