Thordon SXL (white) rudder bearings operate without grease above and below the waterline and is approved for pressures up to 12 N/mm2 (1740 psi).

Thordon SXL self-lubricating pintle, stock and carrier disc bearings operate grease-free and can be installed without the need for lubrication lines, thus eliminating any pollution associated with grease.

SXL offers high abrasion resistance and can also withstand high shock loads, improving the wear life of the bearing.


The main characteristics of Thordon SXL are:

  • Long Wear Life Guarantee
  • More abrasive resistant than phenolics and other non-metallics
  • High tolerance to edge loading
  • High shock absorption
  • Self-lubricated: operates wet or dry without grease
  • Easy to machine and fit


Thordon SXL is available in a full range of sizes in both tube and stave configurations and is supplied in rough molded condition for local machining to the final dimension required.

For more information about Thordon SXL please check out the following brochures:

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Being the authorized distributor in Denmark we carry a wide range of SXL sizes in stock, thus we are able to meet most of your requirements at short notice.